The Lady of Pain

The Lady, Her Serenity, the most high-up of all of Sigil's bloodsAn expert, sage, or professional in any field. Calling someone a blood is a sign of deep respect. , is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. She never speaks, yet her will is plain to her servants, the dabus, without a sound. She has been the ruler of Sigil as long as living and written memory serves. Tales of only a few events of her long life have survived the passing of years, and all those events are tied to the city that cages her.

For the few that have seen her moving about her city, they've described her as a floating, robed, monolithic and gargantuan woman. Her impassive, expressionless face is bracketed by an imposing mantle of sharpened blades. Her presence can will even the most stalwart beings to suffer pain of epic proportions, and even something as innocuous as tactile exposure to her shadow can send any being into rapid spasms of body-warping disintegration.

Her chief imperative never changes: maintaining the balance of Sigil. When transgressors against this goal are not slain outright, they are involuntarily transported to one of innumerable densely convoluted magical Mazes. Beyond this, what compels her to act, if anything, remains open to conjecture. On all other matters, she seems persistently apathetic.

The Lady exerts omnipresent control over every portal in Sigil. This control is both undisputed and indisputable, and she utilizes it as she sees fit. For all her power, the notion of deifying The Lady is vociferously abhorred in virtually every corner of the city. This is due to the taboo nature of her response to worship: any and all worshipers are gorily slaughtered by the Lady's blades.

The vast majority of Sigil's denizens dread her apparitions and avoid mentioning her name aloud for fear of drawing her attention.

Staff notes:
The Lady of Pain is Sigil. She is the city. She cannot leave the city, she cannot fall under some sort of spell, there is nothing that would ever cause her to just “go missing”, she does not sleep. She is essentially an ancient demigod. As such, there will never be any threats to the city, itself, without swift and destructive action on her part. No one entity has even the tiniest possibility of overturning her rule and taking her place. But don't make the mistake of thinking about her as the protector of the city, as she doesn't care at all about the citizens. This is common knowledge for Sigil's natives.

From the Planescape Campaign Box Set: “Bluntly put, as far as a Planescape campaign's concerned, the Lady of Pain's little more than an icon that crystallizes the mood of the campaign setting. Player characters should never deal with her. She doesn't give out missions, she never grants powers to anyone, and they can't rob her temples because she hasn't got any. If she ever does make an appearance, it should be simply to reinforce the wonder and mystery of the whole place.”

While some players might feel that having an all-powerful NPC is limiting in Storyteller scope, we've found that the only storylines it omits are the “world-ending threat” type of stories. There are plenty of dangers to living in Sigil that The Lady does not care about–harassment, kidnapping, extortion, murder, biohazards and plagues, pretty much anything marked illegal on the Laws of Sigil page. Think of The Lady as a human watching over an anthill. She won't let a flood or fire destroy the anthill, nor will she let another human come along and stomp on it, but she doesn't care for the individual ants within it.

Any character is capable and allowed to break the Local Laws of Sigil and The Lady won't care. These are problems made by ants for the other ants to deal with. The Lady would only interfere if the offending group was disrupting the city's workings in a monumental way that would break The Lady's Laws, in which case, Staff would give fair warning to the players in question, as well as work with them to either keep them in power without breaking The Lady's Laws or bring them out of power with an epic uprising of the rest of the city's citizens. Or anything in between.

Staff is not here to stamp out creative freedom. We encourage players and Storytellers to focus on plots that are more central to characters. For more information, please read our Philosophy.

The Lady's Servants

The Dabus

The dabus serve as the personal entourage of The Lady of Pain. Physically, a Dabus resembles a humanoid with yellow-tan skin, goatlike horns, and a shock of white hair. Dabus float off the ground, their feet never touching the earth.

Their agenda strictly follows the orders of The Lady, but their principal duty is to build and rebuild the living and growing buildings and streets of the city of Sigil. The dabus are charged with the task of city maintenance, as the streets of Sigil require constant inspection and upkeep.

Staff notes:
Players may freely write scenes that include the dabus as NPCs. We ask that they keep in mind the characteristics of the dabus: they do not interact unless they must, and when they do, it is not through the spoken word. They do not make friends, they do not give or accept items, and their only preferences seem to involve remaining undisturbed as they do their duty. They are background characters only.

The Inevitables

Inevitables are constructs whose sole aim is to enforce the natural laws of the universe. They are made in great, mysterious forges through unknown ways and given intelligence. While they are technically constructs, they are capable of learning and gaining a personality, though the process is slow.

After creation, an Inevitable is given a target breaker of fundamental laws and sent to mete out justice. Upon their creation, they know nothing but how to use their abilities and their target. The sentence given is usually death, although some Inevitables insist on compensation to the wronged party instead, using an indelible, cursed mark on the target's skin to ensure compliance. From its first step, an inevitable focuses totally on its target. It continues its efforts no matter how cold the trail or hopeless the task. Inevitables are single-minded in pursuit of their quarry, but they are under orders to leave innocents alone. Accomplices to their prey are fair game, however, which sometimes creates conflicts within their programming.

Given their lack of social skills, asking people for directions towards its target can be a very awkward affair. From its interactions with the world, an Inevitable begins to foster a personality, though as a being of Law this makes it at best a little unhinged and detached. They often get these personalities from hunting down several targets; the more they find the less of an automaton they become. However, the more independent they become, the more they long to return to their forge. When they do so, they have their personalities wiped blank and are given a new target.

Inevitables exist in several different kinds of models, each with their own specialty. They tend to stick out in a crowd while they’re in observation mode, but seem oblivious to the attention. They speak many languages by design, including the native language of their target.

Unless their very existence is threatened, inevitables focus completely on the transgressor they’ve been assigned to, ignoring other combatants completely. An inevitable might attack anyone who hinders its progress, but it won’t tarry beyond the point where it can reengage its quarry. Inevitables take self-defense very seriously; anyone who attacks an inevitable with what the creature perceives as deadly force is met with deadly force in return.