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   * Avatar account age must be 14 days or more.   * Avatar account age must be 14 days or more.
-=== Dress Code === +For more rules and guidelines regarding avatar appearancesplease visit the [[Appearance]] page.
-Very modern or futuristic clothing is not allowed. No obvious exposed zippers, no plastic bits, no blue jeans, no Tron suits or bright/neon avatars, ​and so on. +
- +
-Avatars that are not allowed: +
- +
-  * Cartoon avatarsincluding (but not limited to) My Little Pony, anime, etc. +
- +
-=== Weapons === +
-This is a medieval-fantasy,​ so there is some leniency when it comes to certain technologies. As a general guideline, avoid weapons that are of the late 19th-century (late 1800s) design or newer. The only guns allowed are hand cannons, matchlocks, and flintlocks. In combat, these weapons require two rounds to reload, during which the reloading character cannot attack. Only one of these weapons can be reloaded by one character at any time. If using gunpowder, these weapons cannot be used in humid or wet environments.+
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