General Rules


18+ IC and OOC

No exceptions, including child-like or teen-like avatars. Players must be over 18 years of age, and avatars must clearly be adults. This is an adult sim with adult situations.

It doesn't matter if your character is hundreds of years old. While appearances are subjective, if Staff feels that your avatar's appearance is questionably young, or if player complaints have been made about your avatar's appearance, Staff will ask you to change until it is acceptable before entering RP.

Avatar Limitations

To keep sim lag to a minimum and allow everyone to play in an environment that doesn’t make their PC cry, there are some limitations on avatar attachments and such.

  • Avatar Rendering Cost must be below 300,000 unless you have admin approval.
  • Script Weight Limit must be below 5 MB.
  • Total Scripts must be below 85.
  • No spell HUDs.
  • No spy tools.
  • No chat spammers.
  • No teleporters.
  • Avatar account age must be 14 days or more.

For more rules and guidelines regarding avatar appearances, please visit the Appearance page.


A Non-Player Character (NPC) is generally a character that isn’t controlled by a player. They are usually incorporated as city guards, servants, and shopkeepers to “flesh-out” the environment and interactions.

Pets, Guards, and Summoned Creatures are for roleplay flavor only. For information about Pets/Guards/Summons in combat, refer to the Combat guide.


A character may have a single pet of their choosing. Pets may speak, cast spells, and come to their owner’s aid in a fight. Pets may not be any larger than a horse.


A character may have a personal humanoid guard if they wish. Guards can speak and move freely, cast spells, and come to their charge’s aid during a fight.


A character may magically summon a pet or guard if they wish. They act as any non-summoned pets/guards do.

OOC Chat

Be kind, courteous, and respectful. Any blatantly racist, homophobic, ignorant, misogynistic, or otherwise toxic comments will not be tolerated.

Keep personal drama out of the chat. Take any arguments with another person out of the chat. If you need assistance, let a mentor or admin know.

Please keep emotes/PDA to a minimum. If you wish to be affectionate with someone, be affectionate in IMs.

Please do not advertise, link to, or offer teleports to other roleplay sims in chat. This includes both blatant and subtle statements. Doing so is both player-poaching and inappropriate.

Conduct With Staff

As with other players, be kind, courteous, and respectful. Follow the instructions of all Staff members no matter their “rank”.

Do not overtly insult staff engaged in their duties with you. Do not call-out or contest issues with Staff in Local or group chat.

Do not argue with Staff in a way the staff member finds disrespectful.

Do not admin-shop. Staff in Sigil are in constant communication and are often aware of any issues as they are happening. If you are not satisfied with a response from an admin, taking the question or issue to another admin is a moot point and will result in one Strike.

However, if you feel that you are being treated unfairly by an admin, you may bring up the issue with another admin in its entirety, including your interaction with the first admin, and not be penalized.