Leveling Up

Players must earn experience points in order to level up their characters. Experience points are account-wide, so anything earned is applicable to all characters tied to that account.

A list of when and how points are earned via leveling is available here.

There are currently two ways to earn experience points: through Staff-sanctioned events and through general roleplay.

Through Events

Storytellers or other Staff members that are curating an event will keep track of all participants. At the end of the event, one point of experience will be given to all names on the list. There is no limit to how many event-related experience points a player may earn per week.

Through Roleplay

To turn in roleplay for experience points, players must copy the text of their roleplay from Local Chat and paste the entirety into a notecard. The requirements for the notecard are as follows:

  • Each notecard must contain at least one hour of roleplay. A roleplay session lasting several hours may be divided up into hour-long segments.
  • Timestamps in Local Chat must be enabled.
  • Notecards must be cleaned up. Remove all instances of “is online/offline”, “is in chat range”, OOC text, etc.
  • Each notecard must have Full Permissions (Copy, Modify, Transfer) enabled.
  • Roleplay sessions must have at least two participants.
  • Roleplay within the notecards must be from the current week. Notecards with previous weeks' roleplay will be deleted.
  • The creator of the notecard must be the same account as the person claiming the experience points. Turn in your own notecards! Otherwise, our system will automatically give your points to whomever created the notecard.
  • Players are limited to a maximum of six general roleplay notecards per week. One notecard equals one experience point.
  • Erotic Role Play does not count. Please don't submit this.
  • Titles of notecards must be formatted like so: account name/date of roleplay/roleplay title

Players may drop their notecards in the RP Logbook located in the OOC Area. Cards are counted and experience points are given out every Sunday at 5:00 AM SLT.