The Roleplay HUD

Attaching the HUD

Perhaps the easiest step. When you teleport onto the sim, you'll be asked if you want to allow the Sigil Experience. By Allowing the Experience, you'll be able to use the teleporters placed in the OOC Area, as well as various other locations around the sim, and both the HUD and Titler will automatically attach themselves to your avatar.

You must use the Sigil HUD and Titler to roleplay in Sigil. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Admin Note:
As of February 2019, we have launched our custom HUD, but that doesn't mean all planned features are in place yet. We appreciate your patience!

Using the HUD

When the HUD and Titler are attached, the HUD will be visible on the lower right corner of the player's viewer. To access the menu, simply click the icon and it should pop up. These are the main functions the player will need to use in roleplay and combat.


The character menu is where players will find their “character sheet”. From here, players may Level Up their characters by assign ing stat/skill points, rename their characters, change how their health is displayed in their Titlers, change what information is shown in their Titler, change when their Titler is shown, or Delete their characters.

Leveling Up

Please refer to the Levels and Skills page for more information. Once a player has made all of the adjustments to their skills that they wish, they must click Accept Changes for all changes to take effect.


If a player wishes to change their character's name for any reason, they may do so from this menu at any time.

Health Display

Fairly self-explanatory. If a player wishes to change how their character's health is displayed in their Titler, they may do so.

Custom Titler

If a player wishes, they may add more information to their Titler for other players to read and for characters to react to. This information might include scent, a specific accent, an aura of some kind, or anything else not readily visible.

Players may have up to five custom titler lines that they enter one at a time via HUD prompts. To insert a blank line between two titler lines, type Space for the line a player wishes to leave blank. To not use a line at all, type Skip for each line a player doesn't want to use.

Reflex/Constant Titler

By default, Titlers are fully visible. However, players may opt for a slightly more immersive experience by changing their Titler from Constant to Reflex. That is to say, their Titler will be invisible until another player in the vicinity uses the Look Around function of their HUD, which silently rolls their Senses skill against everything in the area. If a hidden player's character fails this silent roll, their Titler will become visible, and the character that is Looking Around will have found them.

Admin Note:
The Look Around function is not yet available, thus we ask that everyone keeps their Titler visible for the time being.


A character may be deleted by that character's player at any time. Yes, this may be used to reroll a character whose stats were not distributed correctly. However, please note that if a character gets deleted, all special stats given by the admins, all custom titles, and anything that the character has earned outside of experience points will be deleted, as well. Use this function wisely, you have been warned!

Heal Self and Damage Self

If your character has taken combat damage and you wish to display this on your titler, you may do so using these two buttons. Remember, every character, no matter the race or class, has five maximum hit points.

Flat Roll

This function is used to determine the Initiative order in a combat situation, or for anything else that isn't covered by any of the skills. Using this option will give you the result of rolling ten six-sided dice in which successes are determined by the number of dice that land on a 4, 5, or 6.

Roll Skill

If a player wishes to use a specific skill, they must use the Roll Skill function to do so. Once clicked, they may enter the skills that they wish to roll in the box, and the HUD will roll dice for those chosen skills.

For example, if a character wishes to try to poison another character, they'd type the following into the box: Wits, Alchemy.
The character that is being poisoned will respond with the counter-roll. In this case, it would be: Guts, Survival.

Players may use the following table to determine what they must type into the box in order to use their skills. More information may be found on the Skills and Levels page. If a skill has a counter, it will be underlined. Hover over the underlined skill to see what the counter is.

Type of Skill Attributes
Spirit Guts Wits
Offense DestructionCounter: Any Defensive Heavy WeaponsCounter: Any Defensive Light WeaponsCounter: Any Defensive
Crowd Control IllusionCounter: Any Defensive TauntCounter: Any Defensive SubterfugeCounter: Any Defensive
Defense ResistanceCounter: Any Defensive BlockCounter: Any Defensive DodgeCounter: Any Defensive
Combat Healing Restoration First-Aid AlchemyCounter: Survival
Movement AlterationCountering Escape: Any Movement AthleticsCountering Escape: Any Movement SneakCountering Stealth: Sense. Countering Escape: Any Movement
Awareness Sense Survival FinesseCounter: Sense
Crafts Enchanting Workshop InfluenceCounter: Sense

Chat Replacer

Most of the functionality of the Titler is covered by the HUD, though the Titler also acts as a chat replacer for roleplay.

IC Local Chat

/2 text
Chat will appear as being said by your currently active character.

Watza: Testing the chat system!

IC Local Scene

/2 /sc text
Chat will appear as if being said by no one. Useful for setting a scene. If someone wants to know who said the scene text, the + sign can be clicked in Local Chat to find out who owns the HUD that said it.

+: Testing the chat system, the world is the way it should be.

OOC Local Chat

/2 text
Chat will appear as your avatar name surrounded by parentheses.