How You Can Help

If you're interested in helping out the sim, there are several ways you can do so!


Really, we mean it. Being a roleplaying presence on sim will encourage others to join you. It's the most important, most welcomed thing you could do. After all, that's why we made the sim and why we're all here!

Create a Guild

As with roleplaying, maintaining an active presence on sim with a group of friends, no matter how small, encourages others to drop in and interact. Grab a few friends, scoop out a few Linden dollars from under your mesh couch cushions, and register your Guild!

Apply to Join Staff

We're always seeking creative, proactive individuals to be a part of our team! Feel free to apply for any of the following positions, and an Admin will contact you after reviewing your application.

As most of you know, sims in Second Life are not cheap. At all. And while Staff would love to say, “We're happy to pay for everything, it's no problem,” our policy of transparency forbids us from sugar-coating that much. We are happy to cover the cost of renting the sim, but we certainly wouldn't say no to help. If you wish to donate, please use the Donate Meter in the Landing Zone of the sim.

Every donation will go toward the maintenance of the sim. Nothing goes into our pockets.

Cost Breakdown

All of the following amounts have been converted to weekly costs to keep the numbers consistent.

  • Sim Rent: L$15999
  • Website: L$600
  • Enjin Forums: L$570
  • Shoutcast: L$600
  • We ♥ Roleplay Ad Board: L$750

Weekly Total: L$18,519

Become an Affiliate

Have an in-world shop or host scheduled events? Want to trade an advertisement for an advertisement? We'd love to hear from you! We've got a whole wall in our Landing Zone dedicated to exactly that, so if you'd like to trade ad space, please shoot an in-world IM to Mishasmith Resident or Tonks Baphomet!