Guilds in Sigil

The vast city of Sigil is home to a diverse pool of creatures, therefore a vast list of organizations. There are many reasons why one would decide to create a Guild in Sigil, as there are several benefits that could be reaped by doing so. Are you a merchant? A mercenary? Adventurer? Collector? Being within the biggest melting pot in the multiverse, you're highly likely to find others with similar interests.

Types of Guilds

In truth, Guilds can be comprised for any purpose at all–services, crafting, employment, shady work, or even just because a few people want to reach out and meet others like themselves. But if you're wanting to start one and are needing ideas, here are a few ideas.


Going on an adventure alone can be boring–or worse, fatal! Adventurers can meet others of the same line of work, hear rumors as to the latest goings-on, get leads as to prominent adventuring spots and portals that were just discovered, or simply find a drinking buddy for the day.


A city as large as Sigil needs an informational structure in order to keep it from collapsing on itself. Most people are far too busy to go traipsing around for hours to deliver a message or to find someone, especially since a trip into the next Ward might well take several hours depending on the time of day. A courier's Guild might be what those kinds of people need.


It goes without saying, crafting Guilds are an idea as old as crafting, itself. What better way to learn a new trade than to apprentice for a master? What better way to sell your goods than to have them displayed alongside those from an established Guild?

Criminal Purposes

While many criminals prefer to work alone, there is always safety in numbers, and the Cage is ripe for the picking of pockets. Aside from The Lady's Laws, the rest of Sigil's short list of regulations include the finely printed caveat: Don't get caught. Stealing may be illegal, but is a perfectly valid career provided the Harmonium doesn't catch wind of your antics. Despite the risk of rats and betrayals, the reward for forming a Guild and having someone to watch your back is quite high.


Sigil isn't exactly the safest place in the multiverse, and the portals to various destinations aren't too safe, either. People are going to get hurt, and when they do, they'll need either a magical or mundane healer. It's a thankless job, but someone's gotta do it.


In Sigil, there are plenty of places where someone can hide. Hunting them down or just locating them is a popular and lucrative business, provided one can actually do either.


Some people come to Sigil to disappear. Sometimes they need help doing so. That's where a Guild could come in. Housing, relocation, creating a new identity for some poor Primer.

Hired Help

Assist anyone with anything! Literally anything. Assistants are always needed.

News and Guides

In a city of half a million with creatures always coming and going, all sorts of juicy gossip, rumors, and occasionally legitimate information needs a way to spread.


If you can spare a horse, a self-driving carriage, or even some manual labor, there are always folks who would rather be carried than walk from one side of the city to the other.


While no deities may enter Sigil, their followers are free to come spread the word of their chosen god. Priests, paladins, every devout, all are welcome in the Cage!

This list is by no means comprehensive or meant to limit anyone to these types of Guilds.

Register the Guild

Now that you have a direction for your Guild, gather up a couple of people and register. There are only a few requirements:

  • At least three character members (across separate player accounts), with one of them filling the Leader position.
  • A Guild Hall rental, which will be chosen after the registration is approved. Rent is L$2/prim per week. Example: 25 prims for L$50 per week.

Guild Halls

Guild Hall rentals are currently set to have a maximum rental term of two weeks. This does not mean a Guild can only rent there for two weeks. This means that each renter, at most, can have two weeks of prepaid rent at any given time. This allows inactive, offline Guilds to be cycled out after two solid weeks of inactivity for more active Guilds.

Guild Halls can be decorated any way a Guild wishes, including the outside. Feel free to use banners and heraldry of your choice, as well as signs. Guilds are free to place a notecard dropbox outside their Hall, as well as a notecard giver to deliver information about the guild to interested parties.

It is not required for a Guild to have their own group, but it is recommended. Staff in no way needs to be a part of any Guild's group, nor should the group have “Sigil” in the name.


Now that you have a Guild, an approved registration, and a Guild Hall, you are free to advertise your Guild in various ways. This includes:

  • Posting advertisements in the Shameless Promotion channel of the Discord.
  • Posting advertisements in the Guild Advertisements forum.
  • Submitting textures to Staff for flyers to be hung up around the sim.
  • Sending out notices in the main group, limit one per week.


A Guild may host a Guild-only event anytime they wish. A Guild may also host a public event at any time, and may advertise for such via all of the advertising methods listed above.

If a Guild wishes to advertise for an event using notices in the main group, we ask that they withhold their Guild advertisement notice for that week. A Guild may send out a notice several days in advance of their event, then again directly before the event takes place. Please use discretion with notices, as no one enjoys spam.

If a Guild Leader wishes to advertise for their public event using the calendars both in the OOC Landing Zone of the sim and on the front page of the forums, they only need to contact an Admin with the Guild name, name of the event, date, and start time in SLT.


Encouraging players to leave their current Guild and join your own is considered poaching. The sim and Staff currently have no policies against this behavior, as characters are free to do what they wish and go where they want to go.

However, it is considered bad form to do so en masse, or to do so Out of Character with no In Character components. Keeping interactions of this nature In Character will ensure that the possible consequences of the actions of all characters involved will be kept In Character, as well.