Factions and Guilds

Sigil is a city that is absolutely thrumming with activity and life. It's also a place where one could easily fall through the cracks without a support system. Friends, family, and guilds are there to fill that position, as even being lost together is better than being lost alone.

New guilds are formed every day, generally with the idea of pursuing their own interests and survival, but there are three factions dedicated to the city and its government, all of which are located in The Lady's Ward.

To read about the current, active guilds operating in Sigil, take a peek at Guild Advertisements in our forum.


Known to the common folk as “Hardheads”. Criminal matters in Sigil begin with an encounter with a Harmonium patrol. A Harmonium agent can technically arrest anyone for any reason, but if the reason isn’t actually a crime, the suspect is set free and the Hardhead is given a stern reprimand. They tend to confine their patrolling to areas that don’t include the Hive or the Lower Ward, preferring to focus their efforts in the Lady's Ward and surrounding areas. The City Barracks are their home.

Fraternity of Order

Also known as the “Guvners”, the Order is comprised of lawyers (both prosecutors and defenders) and writers of local laws. The consider themselves the first faction, officially, and control the legislature and judicial branches of Sigil's day-to-day affairs. They keep a log of all known active portals, the Portal Registry, which is available in the Hall of Records, though their headquarters is located at the City Court.


Jailers and executioners, upholders of justice. They maintain the Tower of the Wyrm and the Prison, both of which are their own special form of torture for those who have been captured and convicted. It's important to note that they do not see themselves as Judges and Jury, only the Executioners.