Player Discipline

The staff respects the official Linden Lab privacy rights. Staff will only ask players to waive their privacy rights if necessary, and will only ask for relevant logs.

Any IM logs given without Staff asking for them, or with Staff not receiving permission from all players involved, cannot be used in a complaint until Staff has received said permission. Please do not send logs without Staff asking for them, first.

Filing a Complaint

If a situation comes up between yourself and another player, or players, either in roleplay or out of character, please wait 24 hours after the end of the situation before establishing contact with that player(s) to let players involved to cool off. After 24 hours, if the situation has not resolved itself or the roleplay in question has not been retconned, players may contact each other to try to resolve the issue.

If the issue cannot be resolved for any reason, the issue may be posted in the Moderation forum using the format found here. Players involved in any posted issue may respond in the thread with any context, defense, or relevant information. From there, Staff will start mediating the issue and, if fault is found, will move forward with disciplinary action.

Punishments in Order of Escalation

Any punishment given may be waived due to good behavior or an appeal from the player. Players can appeal a punishment if they feel it was given unfairly.

Please note that players cannot appeal a punishment if they do not waive their Linden Labs’ right to privacy of their IM logs when asked by Staff.


A reasonable complaint filed against a player will result in a warning for that player.


Repeated warnings will result in strikes. Players have a maximum of three strikes before a higher punishment is given.


Players who have repeatedly broken rules will be removed from their position or privilege, such as a staff position, if applicable.


Players who have repeatedly broken rules will be removed from the sim and excluded from re-entry. The length of time of the ban is variable, depending on the offenses.