Sigil, being a melting pot of creatures and cultures, operates with several systems of currency in place. Bartering is common, as goods-for-goods is easier to figure out than a common exchange rate, but coins of varying value can and are used for a lot of day-to-day transactions.

  • 10 copper coins = 1 silver coin
  • 10 silver coins = 1 gold coin
  • 10 gold coins = 1 platinum coin

A helpful way of equating coins to real-life currency is to use the “rule of tens”.

In Sigil: 1 copper/1 silver/1 gold/1 platinum
In US Dollars: $1/$10/$100/$1000

In roleplay, it is not necessary that you follow this guide exactly–currency is really just for flavor, and it's not the most accurate system–but using it as a jumping off point certainly helps. After all, tipping the NPC bartender $1000 for a pint of watered-down ale can make a situation awkward.

As an example of what some common items may cost, refer to the list below.

Mug of Ale
Common Meal
Gourmet Meal

Common Soap

Light Horse
Heavy Horse

Peasant Clothing
Noble Clothing
Cold-Weather Clothing

Common Inn, One Night
Luxury Inn, One Night

4 copper coins
1 silver coin
2 silver coins

1 copper coin
1 copper coin
2 copper coins

30 gold coins
75 gold coins
200 gold coins

1 silver coin
75 gold coins
8 gold coins
12 gold coins

5 silver coins
30 gold coins