Creating a Character

Attaching the HUD

Perhaps the easiest step. When you teleport onto the sim, you'll be asked if you want to allow the Sigil Experience. By Allowing the Experience, you'll be able to use the teleporters placed in the OOC Area, as well as various other locations around the sim, and both the HUD and Titler will automatically attach themselves to your avatar.

You must use the Sigil HUD and Titler to roleplay in Sigil. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Creating a Character

Each avatar account is allowed up to six character slots by default. To create a character, a player must use one of the two character creation books in the OOC area.

The book will ask simple questions about the character:
Name: Fill in your character's name.
Race: Choose your character's base race.
Condition: If your character has a condition or curse, such as Vampirism or Lycanthropy, choose that here.

All Core Races are available by default. If a player does not see their character's race on the list, they must select Other. They will be redirected to the forums where they may apply for their custom race.

Once the character is finished, it will be selectable on the Character Swap part of the HUD's menu.