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 +===== The Sigil Cant =====
 +Much like the languages of every country in every continent in every world, the residents of Sigil have their own vernacular and colloquialisms referred to as a "​cant"​. For the average tourist, most Cagers are nearly impossible to understand, despite speaking words that are supposedly in Common, because of this cant.
 +<WRAP center round box 80%>
 +//"You look lost, sirrah. Walk with me through the murky twilight for a moment and I'll teach you the dark of things--that'​d be the secrets, for a clueless Primer like yourself."//​
 +Interested in learning the lingo? Look no further than the touts, the guides that will (for a price) properly introduce you to the city and its culture.
 +For players, there is a [[https://​www.mimir.net/​cant/​cant2.html|Dictionary of Planar Cant]] available for reference.