Avatar Appearance

This is a medieval/renaissance fantasy setting, thus there is a certain level of adherence expected of players who wish to roleplay in this sim. Staff and other players expect characters of any race to be reasonably realistic in appearance. That is to say, textures should be highly detailed, and no one should resemble a cartoon in both anatomy and color scheme.

For examples of character appearances, feel free to refer to our Flickr Gallery.

How Staff Handles Appearance Moderation

Staff acknowledges that there is a massive gray area when it comes to determining whether something is reasonably realistic or not. What might seem cartoony to us can be perfectly realistic by the standards of the rest of the community. Thus, we have decided to put the decision-making power in the hands of the community.

With few exceptions (that are listed below), we have chosen to allow all other avatar appearances by default. If the appearance of an avatar is enough to break the immersion of other players, that avatar can be reported to any member of Staff, and a poll will be created in the Moderation forum. Players may anonymously cast their vote regarding whether they believe the avatar in question is unsuitable for the sim and setting, and (unanonymously) have a discussion about said appearance and how it can be improved. That poll will close after one week (or sooner, if there is a clear disparity between the two options) and the player of the avatar will be notified of the result by Staff.

Ultimately, we are not the ones that will have the chance to interact with or roleplay with our playerbase every day. Our players are, so they should have the ultimate say in these matters.

18+ IC and OOC

No exceptions, including child-like or teen-like avatars. Players must be over 18 years of age, and avatars must clearly be adults. This is an adult sim with adult situations.

It doesn't matter if your character is hundreds of years old. While appearances are subjective, if Staff feels that your avatar's appearance is questionably young, or if player complaints have been made about your avatar's appearance, Staff will ask you to change until it is acceptable before entering RP.

Reiterating: if there is any question in regards to a character's age based on their appearance, that avatar must change immediately.

Disallowed Avatars and Parts

  • Cartoon avatars, including (but not limited to) My Little Pony, anime, etc.
  • Kemono bodies, unless using the Starbright Fitted Torso.
  • Utilizator Kemono, M3, M4, Venus, and Mars heads.

Avatar Limitations

To keep sim lag to a minimum and allow everyone to play in an environment that doesn’t make their PC cry, there are some limitations on avatar attachments and such.

  • Avatar Rendering Cost must be below 300,000 unless you have admin approval.
  • Script Weight Limit must be below 6 MB.
  • Total Scripts must be below 90.
  • No spell HUDs.
  • No spy tools.
  • No chat spammers.
  • No teleporters.
  • Avatar account age must be 14 days or more.

Dress Code

Very modern or futuristic clothing is not allowed. No obvious exposed zippers, no plastic bits, no blue jeans, no Tron suits or bright/neon avatars, and so on.


This is a medieval-fantasy, so there is some leniency when it comes to certain technologies. As a general guideline, avoid weapons that are of the late 19th-century (late 1800s) design or newer. The only guns allowed are hand cannons, matchlocks, and flintlocks. In combat, these weapons require two rounds to reload, during which the reloading character cannot attack. Only one of these weapons can be reloaded by one character at any time. If using gunpowder, these weapons cannot be used in humid or wet environments.