The Outlands

Beneath the torus-shaped city floating above the high peak of the Spire lay the Outlands, the center of the Great Wheel. The Spire is the axis upon which the Great Wheel turns, infinitely tall and smack-dab in the center of the vast Outlands. Unlike the city, the Outlands is a broad region of varied terrain, with open prairies, towering mountains, and twisting, shallow rivers. There are settlements throughout the area inhabited by petitioners and other natives of the plane, but they are small flecks against the greater wildness of the Outlands.

The Outlands is a disk with an infinite radius, radiating an immeasurable distance from its hub. A creature may try to run to the edge of the disk and leap off, but will never arrive at that edge no matter how far or how fast they run. Distance is a dynamic measurement and a flexible concept.

The Outlands is unique among the Outer Planes because it borders all other Outer Planes. As a result, it is the common ground for extraplanar creatures. Beings from infernal and celestial planes, as well as those of law and chaos, can be found here.

Magic begins to fail, from strongest magics to weakest, as a visitor travels inward toward the Spire from the edge of the circular Outlands. At the base of the Spire, all magic is nullified, allowing creatures to communicate and understand each other, but unable to use magic to fight. Thus, it has become a neutral ground upon which two parties may work out their issues with little fear of a devastating attack.