The City of Doors

Sigil, the largest planar metropolis in the Planes, and one of the most important cities in all of the multiverse, is located in an impossible location: at the top of the Infinite Spire in the center of the Outlands. The City of Doors is located in the inside face of a large torus that floats in the center of the Outlands, making everything about the City absolutely unique. No matter where a cutterA complimentary term that refers to anybody, male or female. It suggests a certain amount of resourcefulness or daring, so it's a lot better than calling someone a berk. stands in the city, if they look up to the skies they’ll see nothing but more buildings.

Sigil’s not a place for CluelessThe folks who just don't get it, usually primes. Use this on a planar and there's likely to be a fight. It's also an adjective, like calling someone a “clueless berk.” , particularly arrogant Clueless. CagersA native or resident of Sigil. are arrogant beyond measure, but they can get away with it because they’re wise to the way of things.

The Cage is not like any other place in the multiverse. An infinite number of portals link Sigil to everywhere in the multiverse – any doorway, window, arch, or frame might be a dormant portal waiting for the right key to activate it and send an unwary sod to the deepest pits of the Abyss. But this makes the city vitally important to trade throughout the Planes – here, merchants from everywhere gather and meet to sell and distribute their wares. Business is conducted between opposing parties, adventurers come to launch expeditions into the Planes, and the unfortunates of the Planes get marooned in its back alleys. Cutters can learn the way of the Cage – even PrimesA native of the Prime Material Plane, where most people start before ending up in Sigil. – while the Clueless are left behind to die.

Sigil is a torus with a 5 mile diameter and a 20 mile circumference – at least by official GuvnerA nickname for those in the Fraternity of Order, the faction that controls the legislature and judicial branches of Sigil's day-to-day affairs. records. In truth, the layout of the city is mutable at the whims of The Lady of Pain, although this magical shifting is very rarely apparent, and is notable only in the Hive, where it’s said The Lady hides her Mazes. Despite this large size – at 20 miles of surface, the city is huge – the city always feels crowded. Tiny spaces in buildings that would normally house closets or pantries instead become shops or whole apartments for families. Buildings crowd each other overhead, and some streets are cut off from the skies altogether, cut off by buildings and other streets.

The city is divided into six different Wards, with each Ward divided into various districts and neighborhoods. The Wards aren’t delineated by borders or lines – it’s hard for even the oldest Cagers to tell specifically where one Ward ends and the other begins. Wards are more delineated by the people who live and toil in the Wards – as various neighborhoods fall into disrepair or grow into prosperity, they shift and grow and fall into different Wards.

The Lady's Ward

Always “The Lady’s” Ward, and the “t” is always capitalized. The home to Sigil’s powerful elite. The nicest of Sigil’s wards, it attracts the most powerful and the richest and most influential – cutters looking to rub elbows with high ups could do worse than make their way to The Lady’s Ward.

The Prison and the Tower of the Wyrm

City Barracks

City Court

Hall of Records

The Lower Ward

Sigil’s beating industrial heart, churning out the tools and supplies that make city life possible. This is where the blue collar workers live, where goods are made, and where goods are stored.

Pit of the Kobold King

Test your mettle in this enormous arena! Prove that you're not just the berk everyone says you are! Don that crown of the Kobold King!

The Cloak & Stagger

The local watering hole for the riffraff and bubbers. If a Cager is looking for work, juicy rumors, shady deals, or just a drink, they'll find it here.

The Weekly Rat

“Sigil can't keep a secret. Most of its walls are doors.”
Few know those words better than the Editor-in-Chief of the Weekly Rat, a famous and infamous newspaper.

The Market

Home to the majority of traders, craftsmen, artisans, and other members of the middle class, as well as the Great Bazaar. Pretty much everything can be found for sale here, as it is the largest market in the multiverse.

Great Bazaar

Great Gymnasium

The Guildhall Ward

While the Market is where goods are sold, the Guildhall Ward is where services are sold. Each guild has a building of its own, and advertisements for guild services and employment are plastered to every wall.

The Clerk's Ward

An affluent district, home to most of the city's lower-run bureaucrats and middlemen. Being the bureaucratic center of the city, things are documented in triplicate, and the neighborhood is the most well-patrolled.

The Hive

There’s a saying about the Hive Ward: it’s got Sigil’s dumbest murderers. If they had any brains, they’d move to a safer ward.

For most, life in the Hive is a tedious journey down a road of despair, with death waiting at the end. And not just any old death. Death in the Hive wears a variety of disguises. Compared to the Hive, an Arcadian swine barn smells like a rose garden. It’s not just the filthy kips that cause the stink. And it’s not the lack of hygiene – though the only time a lot of these sods get a bath is when they fall in a mud puddle. It’s mostly because of the rainwater. The gutters of the Hive are filled with garbage, and no one comes to clean it up. The rain collects in brackish pools, some swelling to the size of small lakes. A lot of Hivers use the pools for trash pails.

Whoever planned the ward didn’t know the definition of a straight line, as the streets wind in every direction: some end abruptly in blind alleys, others circle back on themselves like snakes swallowing their own tails. With space at a premium, new structures’re built on top of old ones, giving a typical building the appearance of a stack of boxes about to collapse.

Allesha's Pantry

Weary Spirit Infirmary